What we’re reading: The Grunts All At Sea by Philip Ardagh

downloadBeing the ultimate time manager, I took the opportunity to duck into the local library while Toby was at football training, in between grocery shopping and waiting to collect him. I try my very best not to be too controlling a parent but when it comes to books I can’t resist picking out titles for Toby.

I scanned the shelves of the children’s section unsure what it was I was looking for. I considered the football themed books but I wasn’t certain I could face another football story. Our lives are full of the sport, and books offer that one opportunity to escape real life and venture into different worlds. No, I was going to believe enough in my child’s enjoyment of reading to stray away from tried and tested material.

I gravitated towards the humour section. Our reading has become quite serious of late. Toby’s latest reading book from school actually caused him to burst into tears and he did also mention that he wished our last read, Billy the Kidhad included a few jokes.

We were in dire need of lightening up, and soThe Grunts All At Sea, with its bold colours and those fabulous Axel Schleffer illustrations emblazoned one the cover was definitely calling me. This was the one.

Toby didn’t seem too disappointed when I told him I’d been to the library and borrowed a book. I even detected the faintest hint of approval when he inspected my choice.

I was right too. We needed a funny book. And just a few pages in we’ve already laughed out loud. It reminds me a great deal of The Twits. It might even be a little bit better, dare I say it. Still, I’m looking forward to some laughs at bedtime instead of holding back the tears.

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