A parent’s pledge for going back to school

2014-09-08 08.47.06It’s not just children who have to get their game face on at the start of another school year. The return to school keeps us parents firmly on our toes too, after six weeks of no school uniform or homework.

So as Toby and I enter his third year of primary school, I vow to try my best to do the following to make sure I don’t end up being nominated The Mum Least Likely.  . .

  1. I will send my child to school clean, tidy, and with properly brushed teeth and hair. At least most of the week.
  2. And maybe his school trousers will see the underside of an iron from time to time.
  3. I will care less about being a stranger at the school gate. I have a happy and fulfilling life so why bother that I’m not a part of the playground parents’ clique. Life is too short for PTA drama.
  4. If I find a leak-proof water bottle, I will weld it to his school bag so it never gets lost.
  5. And on the subject of lost items, I will maybe for the first time in three years write his name on all his belongings.
  6. I will not forget PE kit. Repeat 50 times. I will not forget PE kit.
  7. I will endeavour to provide him with a healthy and nutritious snack, even if it means discovering several black mushy bananas in his school bag a week later.
  8. We will not leave homework to 7pm on a Sunday night.
  9. And I will not build structures out of cardboard at 9pm on a Sunday night because we’ve left homework to 7pm on a Sunday night.
  10. I will remember to raid his bag every evening to search for any important forms, and I’ll fill out those forms immediately because doing them in the morning is not an option. I simply won’t have time. Ever.
  11. I will not feel obliged to keep every scrap of paper masquerading as art work that comes home in his school bag. But I’ll be more discreet about slipping it into the recycling. You don’t want to get caught out with that one.
  12. The gaming ban before school will remain. Nothing is more important than his ability to concentrate at school.
  13. I pledge to respect and trust his teacher. They know our children in ways that we may never. It’s their job to help our children learn, and I’ve yet to meet a teacher who didn’t care about that.
  14. I vow never to get hung up on what maths group he’s in or reading band he’s on (although did I mention he was top for everything?).
  15. I will remember to be proud of him every single day.
  16. We will keep reading.

Phew, that’s a long list. Now will someone fetch me a gin before Monday comes round again . . .?

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