We’ve finished! Dino FC – Transfer Troubles

This is our third Dino FC book, and we’ve become familiar with the characters and the story formula.

I was initially sceptical about stories that involved dinosaurs playing football but author Keith Brumpton writes so authentically about the sport that I can get past the fact that the characters are all prehistoric beasts, and that herbivores play alongside carnivores in this rather good-spirited and harmonious team that is Dino FC.

In this tale, the transfer deadline is looming but Dino FC’s transfer budget is scant to say the least. Terry, club player/manager and hero of this series, has to choose which player he must sell in order to raise some funds. José Heterodontosaurus is an obvious target. This prima donna believes he’s destined for better things, and would rather whinge about his endless injuries then get involved with his team.

However heartless chairman Danny Deinonychus reveals that it is Terry who is to be sold.

Toby was pretty gutted at this plot point. But fortunately there is a happy ending and Terry ends up back where he belongs thanks to a kind gesture from his former team mates. Even José Heterodontosaurus begins to see the error of his ways and helps save the day for Dino FC.

What I enjoy about the Dino FC stories is that they carefully observe what happens in real football, referencing the player dramas, dodgy business dealings, and internal politics that make the Premier League so colourful. What these stories offer that is perhaps missing from the real-life game is some heart, morality and a good dose of team spirit. And that is why I enjoy sharing these stories with my young football fanatic.

Read-aloud-ability: 4/5

Fun factor: 4/5

Fidget factor: 3/5 – Not too bad but during one reading session his football trading cards were definitely more interesting to him.

Fear factor: 1/5 – Toby felt a bit worried for Terry when he was transferred to a rather unpleasant team.

Page turnability: 3/5

Mum’s final score: 7/10

Toby’s final score: 10/10

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