What we’re reading: Dino FC – Transfer Trouble by Keith Brumpton

Dino FCIn case you hadn’t noticed football has begun to form a large part of our family life, so I’m always seeking out books about football to keep Toby interested in reading.

Recently, we stumbled upon the Dino FC series in our local library, and after a brief break from these books, Toby spotted Transfer Trouble during a recent trip to Kirkcaldy library (instigated by him, I’m proud to say!).

It was not surprising he was drawn to a football-themed book. We’d just finished visiting Stark’s Park, home of Scottish Championship division side Raith Rovers, for the club’s annual open day. We got to look around the ground and meet players, and had a very enjoyable time.

Afterwards we headed to Kirkcaldy Galleries for a spot of lunch, and we discovered a fantastic local history museum, stunning exhibition of the Tapestry of Scotland and a great children’s library inside. I couldn’t believe my ears when Toby insisted on visiting the library. He walked away with a decent haul of books, too, all chosen by him, and including our latest bedtime read Transfer Trouble.

Hopefully Toby will enjoy reading this as much as he enjoys talking, playing and basically thinking about football.

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