What we’re reading: The World Cup – a Very Peculiar History

20150706_203954The football obsession in our house shows no sign of let-up, so our reading activities will have to revolve around the beautiful game for the foreseeable future, I fear.

Thankfully, Toby’s showed no further interest in reading any more Frank Lampard books so we went to the library in pursuit of a football skills book. Unfortunately there were none, and although I tried my utmost to lure him towards the novels, he picked out The World Cup – a Very Peculiar History, and I was intrigued by his choice. 

Toby is definitely drawn to non-fiction titles and I am encouraged by this. If you enjoy factual books for leisure then it will set you up for a lifetime of academic or professional study when reading dry texts becomes something of a reluctant duty.

This book is compact and dense and may be pitched at older children. It is absolutely packed full of information and I suspect reading this will be as much of an education for me as I truly had no idea that there was quite so much to the story of the world cup.

The writing style is accessible and conversational and the narrative is broken up with enough facts to arm a budding football fan with enough pointless trivia to show off with in pubs for a lifetime.

I’m beginning to realise that the story of the World Cup has as much to do with geography, politics and history as it does sport so I think we’ll both find plenty to learn here. Whether we make it all the way to the end is another matter. After a long day at work it’s not the most bedtime-friendly reading.

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