What we’re reading: Sir Gadabout by Martyn Beardsley

Sir GadaboutToby’s literacy theme at school is knights, myths and fairies so Sir Gadabout by Martyn Beardsley caught my eye at our local library. It seemed a good way to tie up what is happening at school with our activities at home.

I’ve never previously heard of the Sir Gadabout series, probably because the books were published when I was too old to care, and too young to have children in my life. After a little research, I discovered that they did inspire a kids’TV series that aired in the early 2000s, so I imagine they were really popular at one point.

The King Arthur legend has long provided endless inspiration to writer of all formats and genres. Martyn Bearsley’s interpretation delivers a classic hapless hero through the creation of Sir Gadabout. There’s no greater formula for fiction success than an underdog, and I think I’m going to enjoy rooting for this one with Toby.

Tony Ross’ fab illustrations will help the story along nicely too.

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