Chinese whispers

It’s joyous hearing your lovely child come home with a half-remembered, half-correct, passed-down-by-many anecdote from the playground.

This week I was told a particularly amusing one during our Friday morning stroll through the park to breakfast club.

It went something like this (excuse the paraphrasing).

Toby: “When Carey was in Australia [Carey is the current best friend number one and used to live in Australia] he had a friend, and that friend had a brother. [So far, so very mundane].”

Me: “Uh-huh [still listening – just]

Toby: “Their mum [the friend and the brother’s  not Carey’s] went to China and you’re only allowed one baby in China so she got arrested for 10 years.”

Me: “Wow. Did they live in China?”

Toby: “No they just went there for a holiday.”

Me: “I’m not sure the one-baby rule applies to people just visiting.”

Toby:” [becoming indignant] It is true. Carey told me. They got arrested for 10 years.”

And if Carey told him who am I to argue but I hope for the sake of this family this was nothing more than a case of Chinese whispers!

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