Sunday trip to the bookshop

Toby at Waterstones, DunfermlineSometimes it’s a struggle to motivate Toby to get out the house at the weekend, and after five days a week and more than 10 hours a day spent at school and after-school clubs it’s understandable that he just wants to hang out at home. Me too, most of the time – although when the sun is shining and the rays beaming through the window highlight all the dust, I do like to get out and about too.

I was pretty delighted this weekend when Toby suggested that not only did he want to go out but that he also wanted to visit our local bookshop (Waterstones btw, which isn’t bad to have on your doorstop in a small town) to redeem his World Book Day voucher against the purchase of a Horrid Henry book.

Yay! I love a bookshop browse and I’m also delighted that the Xbox hasn’t completely usurped his interest in reading. In fact it seems stronger than ever at the moment so I am more than willing to indulge it, and spend a some of my hard-earned cash on a book.

I mentioned previously that he’s really into Horrid Henry just now, so we navigated towards the Francesca Simon section of the bookshelves and found a terrific choice of titles. He found the one he was reading at school (pictured) and then changed his mind in favour of a football themed one (football is also a newly developed passion). So far, so good.

I was heading to the till when Toby’s attention was caught by the Lego Ninjago books. Noooooo!

“These aren’t proper books Toby,” I said.

“Yes they are,” he said back.

“I’m not getting you one of these,” I said, sounding a little bit like a spoilt child myself.

He still wanted me to get them all down from the top bookshelf to have a look. After much to-ing and fro-ing, he accepted that I wasn’t going to buy him an overpriced sticker book with a wee Lego figure attached.

We’re on the way to the till, once again, with the Horrid Henry book – the whole reason for our visit in the first place.

His attention is stolen again. This time by some plastic animals. Seriously, this is supposed to be a bookshop not a toyshop, but I do understand the need for Waterstone’s to stock non-book items too. It’s not helping my cause because Toby now wants a plastic shark.

I explain I’m not buying him a shark, so if he doesn’t want the Horrid Henry book, or equivalent proper book with an actual story and chapters, then he is getting nothing else. I remind him again that the whole point of the trip is for him to use his World Book Day token on a Horrid Henry book. His idea.

So he decides on a Roald Dahl book, The Witches. Pretty good choice.

I double check it’s what he wants and not the Horrid Henry book.

“I can watch Horrid Henry on YouTube,” he says.


Ach well, we can definitely look forward to reading The Witches. I loved that one when I was a kid, and I know Toby is going to enjoy it too.

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