Horrid Henry

We have a new obsession in our household: Horrid Henry

For those of you who don’t know Horrid Henry is the fictional creation of Francesca Simon, star of a series of books and an accompanying TV show.

Horrid Henry was the subject of a World Book Day project, so definitely testament to the success of WBD in generating enthusiasm for reading, in my humble opinion.

Although if you saw the news today and were shocked that someone sent their 11-year-old to school dressed as Christian Grey of 50 Shades fame, you would be forgiven for doubting the merits of the initiative (that was a serious “what were they thinking” moment).

As I mentioned in my previous post there was no dressing up going on in Toby’s school but actual book-related projects which have definitely had the desired effect as he’s been reading non-stop all week. Result.

I even discovered him watching Horrid Henry on YouTube; he usually watches 20-somethings talk about how to play Xbox games so believe me this is serious progress in the literacy stakes!

So thank you World Book Day and Commercial Primary School. Let’s hope the reading enthusiasm continues through the weekend!

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