We’ve finished! Fantastic Mr Fox

It took no time at all to work our way through Fantastic Mr Fox.

For me it was a book of two halves: the first half in which the farmers are in battle with Fantastic Mr Fox is pacy and exciting but the second half focuses on the interchanges between animals and loses something for me.

I’m not keen on stories revolving around talking animals and Mr Dahl is at his best depicting people and all their horrible truths.

Still, it’s a light breezy read that is worth sharing with young readers.

Toby loved it. He rated it his favourite Dahl book to date, beating George’s Marvellous Medicine and The Twits (I prefer George’s Marvellous Medicine, myself!).

His fascination with all things Roald Dahl continues, and it’s lovely to witness an enthusiasm for an author that I too enjoyed as a child.

So here are the final scores for Fantastic Mr Fox:

Read-aloud-ability: 5/5

Fun factor : 3/5

Fidget factor: 2/5

Fear factor: 3/5

Page-turn-ability: 3/5

Mum’s final score: 6/10 – Too many talking animals and not enough of the vile farmers but still satisfying enough for a young reader.

Toby’s final score: 10/10 – His favourite Dahl book to date!

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