Hello and welcome to my blog.

I love books, films and most forms of storytelling – I even dabble in a bit of creative writing too – so when I became pregnant one of the things I was most looking forward too about being a mum was sharing books with my child to be.

Six years on, and an enthusiasm for books still lives in my son Toby despite the lure of YouTube videos (Stampy is a favourite) and the Xbox (Minecraft, Lego Marvel and now FIFA all demand copious amounts of is attention).

It all began when he was three weeks old. I was a real novice when Toby was born. I struggled to even hold him properly and feeding and constant nappy changing presented challenges that I was completely unaccustomed to dealing with. The one thing I could do was read to him.

It didn’t matter that he didn’t understand. I felt in control when I read and it was very much my way expressing my love. My own personal vision of motherhood very much involved books so here I was realising that. If I was failing on living up to other mothering standards here was something I could be good at. I was in my comfort zone with a book in my hand.

Through the years together we’ve done a good job of sticking to the bedtime story ritual. It’s been challenging at times. During those toddler years the last thing you want to do after a three-hour bedtime battle is snuggle up and read your precious little rebel a story but I always tried to.

Likewise as a mother who works full time it can be tempting to skip the story at bedtime to duck off to the sofa with a cup of tea but it’s usually always worth the effort. Our bedtime story is more than just reading – it’s a chance to cuddle and confess the worries and thoughts of the day we’re just about to leave behind.

Also as Toby gets older I’m discovering a world of children’s literature that I so passionately want to share. And that’s why I wanted to write this blog. I want to share the books and authors that have kept me and my son turning pages long after bedtime. In an age of digitally led entertainment forms, I find that simply magical.


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